The Price of Beauty

I know you understand

Why I beat on you

to make myself look good


Why I shove my foot

down your throat

and lace you up

pummeling your pink skin

into the ground

wearing you down

with each step, day, week that goes by

until your skin is red with

blood and I can see your insides scuffed

and torn and

ripping at the seams


I forgive you say the pointe shoes

I want you to be beautiful

I want you to succeed

and fly


The boxes worn down


there is no way to regain

the strength and support

once held


I toss them into the trash

with the other skeletons

they have served their purpose

I am selfish

I forgive you say the pointe shoes

and I shut the lid



17 Playful Doodles that Incorporate Everyday Objects



Javier Pérez aka cintascotch, is an artist and illustrator from Guayaquil, Ecuador. A few times a week, Pérez shares a new doodle with his 20,000 Instagram followers. Each doodle incorporates everyday objects like paper clips, coins and scissors. The doodles transform the objects into something completely new and different.

It’s a fun and creative way to look at an object, even seemingly mundane ones, and reimagine them as something else. To see more playful diversions, be sure to check out Javier’s work at the links below.


Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram



doodles with everyday objects javier perez (10)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram



doodles with everyday objects javier perez (3)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram



doodles with everyday objects javier perez (7)

Artwork by Javier Pérez (cintascotch)
Website | Facebook | Behance | Twitter | Instagram


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Flat Broke? Maybe Not…


If only money really did grow on trees. Alas, it does not. However, there are ways to make money seem to “magically” appear.

1) Searching through purses and pants. Often times, we forget how forget about the extra bills we carry around with us for all of life’s “just in case” emergencies. When I go shopping, I always bring more money than I actually want to spend. That way I won’t be stuck in a jam if that perfect item jumps out at me. Many times, we just leave the extra twenty bucks in the pocket of our pants and let ’em go for a spin in the washing machine (twenty dollars and all). Going through pants and purses is a sure way to find a few otherwise buried treasures.

2) It’s all in the change. All of those pennies, nickels, and dimes that get tossed into a change jar can add up surprisingly quickly. Empty out the jar and bring it to your local bank. More often than not, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much moola you really have.

3) Desperate times call for desperate measures. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to start moving the furniture. Loose bills and change have a tendency to slip from your pocket into the nooks and crannies of your house and car. Crevices of the couch, vacuum bag, under the car seats, under or around the dryer, dirty clothes basket…all just a few unlikely places to find some hidden treasures.

The Art of Going Braless

For some women, bras are more of a nuisance than a necessity. Dealing with poking and prodding straps often frustrate and deter the use of these constraining contraptions. In this post, I plan to address some quick and easy solutions to letting the girls hang free without the rest of the world in on the secret. 

Scarves: A Girl’s Bust Friend

An instant cover up. No matter AA or DD, scarves possess the ability to mask and cover size and, well, shape. Being far from well endowed upstairs, I often don’t see the need to have the digging of bra straps in my back when they’re probably not necessary half the time. The solution: Wrap a large scarf around the neck and let it hang at least 2 inches under “the girls.” It’s thickness will hide the otherwise noticeable absence of a bra.

Nervous About Nipples

Some women can walk with their heads held high and chests out without wearing a bra. Some of us however want to be a little more subtle. Odd, but proven helpful, slapping a bandaid across each nipple can instantly set the mind at ease if the day should bring a chilled gust of air your way. 

Save the Tight/White T for Another Day

Judgement is key when leaving the bra at home. The more form fitting the shirt, the greater the likelihood of leaving nothing to the imagination. Choosing baggy clothing is a much more discreet route. Color choice and the elasticity of the shirt go hand in hand. Light, pastel colors tend to be much more see-through and eye catching, providing a greater chance for others to notice your missing garment. 


Thoughts on “No Shave November”: Strictly Guys?

As we embark on fall’s festive finale, a vast majority of the male population pledge themselves to the infamous No Shave November. What is it about November that causes razors blades to collect dusk for 30 odd days? If men are so adamant about growing out their mane then can women join in the fun? Growing up in New England, every girl knows that come Halloween, it’s time for shorts and skirts to get packed away and stored for the next few months. From experience, I can testify to the fact that lack of visible legs leads to laziness in the shaving department. Without a steamy and lustrous love life, there is in fact no apparent reason or purpose of taking an extra ten minutes in the tub to cut down the forest from day to day.