The Art of Going Braless

For some women, bras are more of a nuisance than a necessity. Dealing with poking and prodding straps often frustrate and deter the use of these constraining contraptions. In this post, I plan to address some quick and easy solutions to letting the girls hang free without the rest of the world in on the secret. 

Scarves: A Girl’s Bust Friend

An instant cover up. No matter AA or DD, scarves possess the ability to mask and cover size and, well, shape. Being far from well endowed upstairs, I often don’t see the need to have the digging of bra straps in my back when they’re probably not necessary half the time. The solution: Wrap a large scarf around the neck and let it hang at least 2 inches under “the girls.” It’s thickness will hide the otherwise noticeable absence of a bra.

Nervous About Nipples

Some women can walk with their heads held high and chests out without wearing a bra. Some of us however want to be a little more subtle. Odd, but proven helpful, slapping a bandaid across each nipple can instantly set the mind at ease if the day should bring a chilled gust of air your way. 

Save the Tight/White T for Another Day

Judgement is key when leaving the bra at home. The more form fitting the shirt, the greater the likelihood of leaving nothing to the imagination. Choosing baggy clothing is a much more discreet route. Color choice and the elasticity of the shirt go hand in hand. Light, pastel colors tend to be much more see-through and eye catching, providing a greater chance for others to notice your missing garment. 



2 thoughts on “The Art of Going Braless

  1. maybeishouldwearabra says:

    My boobies are smaller than yours, guaranteed, but I don’t let it bother me in the least. I also do not own any bras. Girls with tiny boobies unite!

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