Thoughts on “No Shave November”: Strictly Guys?

As we embark on fall’s festive finale, a vast majority of the male population pledge themselves to the infamous No Shave November. What is it about November that causes razors blades to collect dusk for 30 odd days? If men are so adamant about growing out their mane then can women join in the fun? Growing up in New England, every girl knows that come Halloween, it’s time for shorts and skirts to get packed away and stored for the next few months. From experience, I can testify to the fact that lack of visible legs leads to laziness in the shaving department. Without a steamy and lustrous love life, there is in fact no apparent reason or purpose of taking an extra ten minutes in the tub to cut down the forest from day to day.



One thought on “Thoughts on “No Shave November”: Strictly Guys?

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