Common White Girl…Method Behind the Madness

Most everybody knows that the preconceived formula for a CWG is as follows…

Ugg boots+Northface+cup of Starbucks=Common White Girl

I admit I am one of them. Perhaps there’s a reason for this trending combination which seems to define these CWGs. I guarantee that my most weathered item of clothing is in fact my black Denali Northface and for good reason too. It is potentially one of the most comfortable things I have ever processed and probably ever will. Whether it’s marching to school on a below 0 day or it’s just falling asleep in it cuddled in my bed, I think of it as a more socially acceptable version of the Snuggie. I admit to owning two pairs of Uggs as well and for good reason too. They’re worn to the point that the inside fuzz has been worn out and skinned. Starbucks truly has some of the best drinks around. Especially their iced chai lattes which are heaven. As far as atmosphere goes I’ll take my rustic underground cafe over Starbucks. And although it may not be the perfect hipster cafe and is more likely than not busy, the quality of drinks and food is worth it. So in conclusion, the CWG’s of the world have reason for their stereotypical tendencies. 


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