How You Know You’re Bestfriends

1. nudity is common and quite frankly, expected

2. you instantly make eye contact when that hot guy walks into the room

3. you grab some popcorn watch porn together just to say “so that’s how it’s done…” and sneer at their technique and fake moans

4. you’ve been into an adult store together just to laugh at the oversized dildos and penis shaped pasta

5. “bitch” is pretty much a term of endearment at this point

6. you show up completely uninvited to each others houses and it’s no big deal

7. you’re the first one her boyfriend texts when she’s mad at him to see if she’s okay

8. you share things that shouldn’t be shared due to hygiene issues and boundaries…panties, toothbrushes, deoderant. You’ve even worn her older sisters thong before…

9. you show each other every position you’ve done it or any sexual thing in and go into overly descriptive details on all of your raunchy sexual interactions

10. sometimes you and your bff act like more of a couple than you and your boyfriend do

11.your boob has been grabbed many a time…but really you’re straight af

12 .she buys you underwear for an Xmas gift



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