Summer Makeup 2015

Hey guys!
So…I’m starting a makeup/hair channel on Youtube and would be so incredibly grateful if you would all check it out, share, like, subscribe, whatever you choose! I’m really excited to share some fun new looks with you so please take a look at my first video 🙂
Much love,

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Tinder:Swipe Proud

So let’s be real. Tinder is that app that you hide on homepage 4 out of 4 in the corner. There’s a reason that half of the guys write “We can tell your friends we met at a coffee shop” in their bio. When you’re in desperate need of some loving (and let’s be honest ladies: we don’t all meet Prince Charming in a coffee shop) Tinder is the answer to our prayers.
Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a hook up platform. One of my closest friends had a solid and lengthy relationship with a guy she met on Tinder. Although it’s not to say that many don’t just want a quick romp in the hay, some truly are looking for commitment and their own Tinderella story. Coming back home for the summer, I know that the same usual suspects aren’t going to cut it. Tinder is a way of expanding horizons in what seems to otherwise be a barren wasteland and if nothing else, locking in some definite spicy summer romance.
So bottom line, move that app from its remote corner of your iPhone and bring it up to the front. We’re all swiping left and right so be proud and get it gurrrl.