How You Know You’re Bestfriends

1. nudity is common and quite frankly, expected

2. you instantly make eye contact when that hot guy walks into the room

3. you grab some popcorn watch porn together just to say “so that’s how it’s done…” and sneer at their technique and fake moans

4. you’ve been into an adult store together just to laugh at the oversized dildos and penis shaped pasta

5. “bitch” is pretty much a term of endearment at this point

6. you show up completely uninvited to each others houses and it’s no big deal

7. you’re the first one her boyfriend texts when she’s mad at him to see if she’s okay

8. you share things that shouldn’t be shared due to hygiene issues and boundaries…panties, toothbrushes, deoderant. You’ve even worn her older sisters thong before…

9. you show each other every position you’ve done it or any sexual thing in and go into overly descriptive details on all of your raunchy sexual interactions

10. sometimes you and your bff act like more of a couple than you and your boyfriend do

11.your boob has been grabbed many a time…but really you’re straight af

12 .she buys you underwear for an Xmas gift



Musical Musings // week2

Undercover(Nightmare&the Cat)

Nightmare&the Cat is my new obsession. Up and coming band definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Doses and Mimosas(Cherub)

Chill yet upbeat…I don’t know how but it just kind of works.

Cool Kids(Echosmith)

Love this song and it’s message. So relatable…


Classic summer jam. Can’t go wrong with a little Sublime.

Sea of Love(Cat Power)

Heard this song at dance and instantly fell in love. A haunting remake.




Crossing it off the bucket list…all nighters

The last time that I pulled an all nighter….I honestly can’t remember, but I’d have to guess sometime in middle school. The rebellious feeling of pulling one these late night endeavors left lost it’s intrigue long ago. But at 18, it’s on the bucket list to complete before I go off to college. So, here I sit with the the boyfriend. Determined to fulfill this childhood classic.

How we’ve filled our night thus far…
8:45PM-10PM // ventured to the cinema to see Jason Segal&Cameron Diaz new movie “Sex Tape”. We gave it a 5 out of 10. A few funny scenes and Jason is great, but overall a bit cliche and predictable.
10:20PM-11:30PM // played Super Mario Kart with the boyfriend and his roomy. ‘
11:30PM-11:50PM // episode of “Parks and Rec” (almost as good as The Office…devout Dunder Mifflin follower)
11:50PM-12AM // ten minute ab workout
12AM-12:20AM // played Slamwich
12:20-1:20 // played…

3 quick steps to keeping the summer bod in tact


So you work out all winter long, sculpting, and attempting to perfect your body in time for bikini season. Here are some workout ideas to keep your bod in shape even as fall rolls around. 

Powerhouse plan of action…


Push ups are a given. Feeling adventurous? spruce this classic up a bit. Start in a plank position with your arms outstretched. Now, take your right arm and bend it down so that your elbow to your hand is flat on the floor. Let your left arms join it in the same position. Now, straighten your right arm and then your left so you are back to plank positions. Go to the beat of down, down, up, up, down, down, up, up. 


Wall sits. For this leg burner, start off with your back against a wall. Slide down it when you are ready so that you are at a 90 degree angle. (back against the wall, with your legs out in front of you.) The idea is that you look like your sitting on a chair…minus the chair of course. 


Lie on back and lift legs off of the floor. Scissor legs in an up and down motion interchangeably and don’t let your feet touch the ground. 


Musical Musings//week1

some of my favorite summer beats thus far…

Blackbird Smile (Nightmare and the Cat)

My new obsession. After seeing them live, and meeting their lead singer Django Stewart, I fell in love. Hauntingly beautiful.


Breezeblocks (alt-J)

I never tire of this.


Stolen Dance (Milky Chance)

I can’t remember where I heard this song first, but it has a familiarness to it that I can’t quite put my finger on.


Moving in the Dark (Neon Trees)

It’s the fabulous Tyler Glenn…enough said.


Over and Over (Smallpools)

So I’ve unintentionally seen Smallpools play twice in Boston. First, when they opened for Two Door Cinema Club at the Royale and second when they opened for Neon Trees at the House of Blues. Anyway, long story short, they’ve been growing on me.



Common White Girl…Method Behind the Madness

Most everybody knows that the preconceived formula for a CWG is as follows…

Ugg boots+Northface+cup of Starbucks=Common White Girl

I admit I am one of them. Perhaps there’s a reason for this trending combination which seems to define these CWGs. I guarantee that my most weathered item of clothing is in fact my black Denali Northface and for good reason too. It is potentially one of the most comfortable things I have ever processed and probably ever will. Whether it’s marching to school on a below 0 day or it’s just falling asleep in it cuddled in my bed, I think of it as a more socially acceptable version of the Snuggie. I admit to owning two pairs of Uggs as well and for good reason too. They’re worn to the point that the inside fuzz has been worn out and skinned. Starbucks truly has some of the best drinks around. Especially their iced chai lattes which are heaven. As far as atmosphere goes I’ll take my rustic underground cafe over Starbucks. And although it may not be the perfect hipster cafe and is more likely than not busy, the quality of drinks and food is worth it. So in conclusion, the CWG’s of the world have reason for their stereotypical tendencies. 

The Price of Beauty

I know you understand

Why I beat on you

to make myself look good


Why I shove my foot

down your throat

and lace you up

pummeling your pink skin

into the ground

wearing you down

with each step, day, week that goes by

until your skin is red with

blood and I can see your insides scuffed

and torn and

ripping at the seams


I forgive you say the pointe shoes

I want you to be beautiful

I want you to succeed

and fly


The boxes worn down


there is no way to regain

the strength and support

once held


I toss them into the trash

with the other skeletons

they have served their purpose

I am selfish

I forgive you say the pointe shoes

and I shut the lid