Crossing it off the bucket list…all nighters

The last time that I pulled an all nighter….I honestly can’t remember, but I’d have to guess sometime in middle school. The rebellious feeling of pulling one these late night endeavors left lost it’s intrigue long ago. But at 18, it’s on the bucket list to complete before I go off to college. So, here I sit with the the boyfriend. Determined to fulfill this childhood classic.

How we’ve filled our night thus far…
8:45PM-10PM // ventured to the cinema to see Jason Segal&Cameron Diaz new movie “Sex Tape”. We gave it a 5 out of 10. A few funny scenes and Jason is great, but overall a bit cliche and predictable.
10:20PM-11:30PM // played Super Mario Kart with the boyfriend and his roomy. ‘
11:30PM-11:50PM // episode of “Parks and Rec” (almost as good as The Office…devout Dunder Mifflin follower)
11:50PM-12AM // ten minute ab workout
12AM-12:20AM // played Slamwich
12:20-1:20 // played…